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Harga Mobil KIA Visto Baru dan Bekas (Second). KIA Visto is one of a small car / city car by KIA, it is very cute mini car that suits the needs of young generation. Visto in its bright and brilliant colors give the impression of a million dollar car, with stylo headlines and elegant grilles.
KIA Visto
Harga KIA Visto Bekas / Second
KIA Visto Car TypeYearPrice (Juta Rupiah)
KIA Visto 1.0 M/T2000 – 200450 – 65
KIA Visto 1.0 A/T2000 – 200455 – 70
Note : Harga KIA / The car price displayed here can be different from the actual price on the dealer or the seller depend on some factors.
Information Summary
Kia Motors Corporation is bursting back on to car markets all over the world with a raft of new products that, as well as including conventional cars, commercials and four-wheel-drives, also presents some extraordinary new concepts.
Visto is KIA deliciously cute mini car aimed at young, image-conscious buyers who live in the city. It’s a frisky fashion statement in bold, solid colours that’s inexpensive to buy and run. It looks like a million dollars and it’s selling like diet plans during fashion week.
With a flying wedge belt-line, huge, wrap-around headlights, a slatted radiator grille and a top-deck spoiler presiding over its stubby rear-end, the Visto is brilliantly slippery through the air as well as being a dynamite looker.

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